About Us


In Eastern European languages, the word “znak” means “sign”, it intended primarily as freedom of expression and graphic experimentation. The iconographic world of Znak!® is the geometry and, especially, that of abstract shapes and color contrasts. We can find irregular and asymmetric forms, but also mathematical rhythms.

The “signs”, inspired by languages of creatives and designers who acted in Modernism world, are printed on t-shirts through thermo-transfer. This technique gives our products a marked craftsmanship.

The brand and the style are managed in Milan, one of world’s fashion capitals.

In addition to be substantially unisex, the collection is designed for a global public, heterogeneous, of all ages and all cultures, still in love with the contemporary expressive codes.

Znak!® offers t-shirts at very attractive prices. The models are renewed three times a year.

So, let’s Znak® together!